Measured Politics

Our Mission:

Help Democrats Win.

We connect Democratic donors to underfunded state campaigns where they can have the biggest impact in the 2018 Blue Wave.


Our Mission

We believe that Democrats should be fielding candidates in every state race possible. One of the biggest impediments towards this goal is that Democratic challengers are vastly underfunded compared to their GOP opponents. We're trying to narrow this gap by connecting individual donors to underfunded state campaigns across the country.

We're piloting our program in Iowa in 2018, and will continue to expand it as our goals are met. To help out, donate directly to the slate of candidates who we're fundraising for. Your ActBlue contribution will go right to them, not us.



Candidates in The Iowa Slate

They are all Democrats challenging GOP incumbents in the State House, and all underfunded compared to their opponents. 


Campaign Limits in Iowa

Iowa doesn't have campaign contribution limits, so Individuals & PACs can donate as much money as they want, which historically has put Democrats at a disadvantage.



Amount Raised in iowa

This was the equivalent of raising 20% more than we'd expect the candidates to raise without us. That's 20% more doors knocked, 20% more mailers, and 20% more motivation for our candidates.


With the exposure of Measured Politics Iowa, I will have resources to do so much more in my campaign than I ever dreamed!

Brenda Brink, Iowa House District 49